About Us

Hello and thank you for vising RPR&R. My name is Curtis Routh. My first true love in business is photography. I have been toting camera gear around the West Texas area since 1982. I retired from 30 years in digital communications in 2003 and began shooting professionally with some of the largest and most prestigious clients in all West Texas. I don't carry cameras around any longer, but along the way I found my 2nd and now 1st true love in business - Photographic Image Restoration and Repair. Over the last 38 years I have retouched countless thousands of photographs. All that experience has allowed me to now provide full restoration services locally and regionally, on a quality level, second to non, and provide an important service that has nearly always been out of town and state! I truly love repairing old photographs. I have repaired over a hundred old photographs, some of which are proudly displayed in our gallery. 


Another thing we've learned:  If a priceless photograph is lost in transit, everyone looses. That is why we've partnered with Shopify and Six House Design to bring the latest in safe photography submission for pricing and repair. We allow potential clients to scan and upload their own photographs. This completely eliminates the need for shipping and losses in transit. When you upload your image, you will be able to choose specific options for our service and the cost to restore your image, your delivery and print options, before you commit. Within 48 hours after uploading the photo we will email you to give you all the pricing and estimated turn around times to repair that priceless photograph you've had in a box in your closet, for so long, and make it perfect for framing again. Please check us out and let us bring that old photograph back to life and into the light.


You know, I meet folks everyday that say “Yes, I have a photo of my _____ I need to get restored! How do I do that?” Well, now you know. Give RP&RR a try. We stand ready to serve. Thank you!!



Matthew Griffin:

In May 2005 I walked into the office of Matthew Griffin (sixhousedesign.com), the premier web developer in the Permian Basin (and now beyond) and asked if he would be interested in a joint venture to sell photographs online for all kinds of events? Matthew's first impression was NO. He was building his own business and really didn't have time for a new joint venture, plus he wasn't really big on a new partner. He was also right in the middle of building a new web site for Rock The Desert. In my persistence and refusal to take NO for an answer, I drove to Lamesa, TX that Friday afternoon and met with the head of the Lamesa Economic Development Corporation. She hired me on the spot for the Lamesa Jubilee 2005. ! I was jazzed! I also booked the World Championship Barbadeau Cookoff in Rankin, TX, the West Texas Championship Chili Cookoff in Sonora, TX, and Rock The Desert! Only problem was I had no web site, no business cards, no information to give out because I had no company name! I went back to Matthew and asked again, with a big event in hand, would he be interested in partnering up? This time he said YES! After this, the very successful companies of LeaveTheCamera.com, RouthPhotography,com, and QuickSchoolPix.com were born. This joint venture successfully continued until late 2014, when due to circumstance beyond our control, we had to move on. In 2015 I began as a full time freelance photographer, but, as always, I needed Matthew to help with graphics, composites, collages (huge client), magazine ads, and a lot of times a complicated photographic restoration. Matthew has proven to be a powerhouse again and again and that's why I am so very blessed to have him on here, not only as a web developer and graphics expert, but also as a business associate and great friend to provide the very best photographic restorations money can buy. Give us a look see. We stand ready to serve.